See what these satisfied Online Bible users have to say. This page was compiled on 7 April 2007. Most of these testimonials are unedited and from pastors – who tend to rely heavily on their computer Bible programs! However, read on…

Barry McIntosh, Hamilton: 

I have been using the Online Bible Program for Bible study for many years now - for sermon preparation and, of late, PowerPoint presentations. The search facilities using words or Strongs numbers, save a lot of time and open a mine of information. Also, ready access to the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words is most helpful and the collection of commentaries is very good.

With the Online Bible Program, your first cost is your last. All up, the program is simple to use and extremely effective and I would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to get into serious Bible Study.

Dr Peter Lineham, Associate Professor of History, Head of the School of Social and Cultural Studies, Massey University Auckland Campus:

The Online Bible is a fabulous resource, with more and more superb online materials, that has greatly aided my Bible study over recent years.

David Palmer, layman, North Shore, Auckland:

I was introduced to the Online Bible Program about 15 years ago by my brother, a Presbyterian minister. He had made extensive use of the program in sermon preparation. Knowing of my involvement in home Bible studies, he suggested that I might find the program very useful in study preparation.

So began my contact with The Online Bible, and I find it extremely useful in Bible study. With so many translations and commentaries available at the click of a mouse button, and the facility of having a Bible passage in several translations side by side and scrolling together, makes study preparation a real joy.

Another very useful feature for the layperson is to be able to call up word from the text in the original language, with an explanation of the original meaning and context in which the word was used. The program also makes it simple to copy a Bible passage into a word processor document.

The Online Bible also has a vast amount of reference material readily available from its library section, together with extensive maps.

Based on my experience I strongly recommend the use of The Online Bible to anyone who wants a rewarding Bible study experience.

Rev Arthur Palmer, South Auckland - a Macintosh user:

I still use my deluxe Mac CD, running it classic mode on my OSX machine. Though I avail myself constantly of all the extra material provided for Windows by Online, especially the extra Library CD, I love the ease with which I can use my Online Mac product for preparing sermons, lectures etc. 

It'll be great to try running it native for OSX. Despite having Logos and Libronix libraries which I use a great deal, Online still is my favourite foolproof system. And most of all I appreciate the sacrificial and generous basis which has led to its provision. May God continue to richly bless all associated with its provision and distribution.

The Revd Paul Heard, Associate Minister, Sumner-Redcliffs Anglican Church, Christchurch:

I find the Online Bible a joy to use. Mainly I use it for sermons and power points when I embed the text directly into my notes or slides which saves a lot of time. It is also great for searching for a word or phrase – much quicker than a written concordance. The choice of translations is excellent and ability to click from one to the other instantly is brilliant. I'm well aware that I only use a small amount of all the features available, but what I do use is superb. And the price is great also.

Pastor Greg Alford, North Canterbury:

I've been using Online Bible since the days of DOS version 6 and have continued to upgrade every year or so. I try now to carry a copy of the Start Pack with me whenever I travel, so I can introduce it to pastor friends. I've used the commentaries many times under the right mouse button. I have also tried a number of other Bible programs but keep coming back to Online Bible. I have encouraged my church members to use it too. It has been a great tool I wouldn't be without.

Rev John Turton, Presbyterian minister, Wellington:

I have been using the Online Bible since 1990 when I was a theological student at Otago University. Since then I have kept using it during all the 18 years I've been in church ministry as my main research tool for biblical studies, sermon preparation, workshops and online counselling work. Having so many resources readily accessible is invaluable. At present I am using it to prepare for more than two services each Sunday and it is still my main ministry tool in terms of Scriptures. I'm more than happy to recommend it to others. One feature I particularly like is that of having four windows open and synchronised window scrolling keeps relevant information matched to where I am studying across translations, notes, commentary and cross references.

Pastor Alex Larsen, Manurewa Assembly of God (South Auckland):

I was introduced to the Online Bible quite some time ago while it was still a free to pass on product. Even back then when I was still getting to know the program I found it increasingly helpful in my sermon preparation. Over the years I have sought to keep up with updates as they come through, also I have taken advantage of the various versions that are available to be unlocked. I continue to find the Online Bible a resource that I consider to be one of the most helpful to me, both because I have so much material available to me at the press of a key, and it is a great time saver as well. Over the years I have encouraged several of my fellow pastors to use it and they also have found it a worth while investment.

Steve King, Founding Pastor, Richmond New Life Church, Nelson:

As a focused and busy pastor, I have found The Online Bible to be an incredibly helpful tool in my work. I can use the Bible translations that already come with the program and I can add my favourite versions. In sermon work, the Scriptures are only seconds away. No more getting translations down off the shelf. It's all there, readily accessible on the screen.  The commentaries are most useful and add understanding and insight to the text. As I prepare sermons, and data slides, it is my constant companion and I have used it and proven it for some years now. Why go elsewhere? It's all there and constantly being updated and added to by the producers of this excellent product. The library of accompanying books is also most useful. Imagine being able to word-search Pilgrim’s Progress for the exact passage you wanted to find. I don't have to, because that's exactly what I did. And as I use it, I know that there are many more ways it could be used which would be more appropriate for others. That's how flexible it is. Because I am confident I have proven its benefit and reliability, I constantly recommend it to others.

Will Lawson, layman, North Canterbury says:

I find the "View Cross References" function of the Online Bible a huge help when preparing messages.  I usually search for the cross references for each verse of the text that I have under consideration.  This generates a large number of references in most cases.  Another useful aspect of this function is that the cross references are given progressively for each section of a verse.  By the time I have systematically covered all cross references for a particular passage of scripture, I have a comprehensive commentary on what the Bible has to say on every phrase and primary word in the text.

Doug Jenkins writes:

I have used the programme for many years nowfind it practical for my needs, and can fairly say that I like the newest update. My current use is built round preparing slides for a weekly Power Point presentation for an adult group ranging from 25 to 45 persons. In preparation I keep six translations up on the screen so that I can easily make comparisons of the language used, the emphasis and meaning differences, and maintain a balance between those who only use KJV, and younger folk who find such translations as NLT more readable. When applicable you can easily make a slide using two or three translations of the one verse, where the new helps in the understanding of the traditional . All round, a great tool for my needs, and without it my presentations would lack variety, and appeal in the presentation of the Bible and Jesus Christ. There is so much material available but time factors restrict the depth one is able to explore. Practical for my more mundane needs, or for the research student.