A note sent to North American users: (Prices are in New Zealand dollars):

The latest versions of our DVD are universal and will run on a Macintosh computer. See page 3 of the manual for details.

If you purchased your CD or DVD before 2005 when we started development for OSX you can still purchase the OSX DVD at the special upgrade price of $40 for a Deluxe CD but because of the royalties you must return your old CD to Allan (this can be done after receiving the new CD).

The OSX programming requires an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 or G5 processor running OS X 10.4.6 or later.

If you have a Macintosh Online Bible version 2.5.3 CD or earlier the data modules will not run with the OSX programming. You can upgrade to a new CD for $40 but because of the royalties you MUST return your old CD.

If you have a Macintosh Online Bible version 3.0 CD you do not need to purchase an OSX CD (except for your convenience in installation). You can just download the free OSX program to run the data files from your version 3.0 CD.

If you have purchased a Mac Deluxe CD from us previous to 2005 we will replace it for $40 (Deluxe) with the equivalant version 4.1 CD but remember that because of the royalties you MUST return the old disc.

Prices: As noted above, for an upgrade, $40.00. A new Mac Online Bible, $120.00. These are now comparable with the PC prices.

To go to the North American site for upgrades  and more information. 
Click on http://www.shop-secure.biz/productdetails/maconlinebible.html

The Macintosh Version of the Online Bible contains over $1000 worth of materials.

English Bible texts:
1769 King James Version with Strong's numbers and footnotes
KJV Apocrypha, Oxford edition
Murdoch's 1851 translation of the Peshito version of the Syriac NT
1899 Douay Rheims verion
1912 Weymouth New Testament
1964 Bible in Basic English
1972 New Testament by J B Phillips
1973 Revised Standard Version
1984 New International Version (deluxe version only)
1995 New American Standard Version with footnotes and Strong's numbers (deluxe version only)
1989 New Revised Standard Version with footnotes (deluxe version only)
1988 New American Standard Bible (deluxe version only)
1982 New King James Version with footnotes (deluxe version only)
1996 New Living Translation with footnotes (deluxe version only)

Many more versions, notes and commentaries are available. E-mail for a full list.