The Online Bible is operated in New Zealand by Allan Goulstone. All profits are distributed to the work of God in New Zealand. We have contributed to the work of the Bible Society in New Zealand for development of the revised Maori New Testament which is now available on the Online Bible DVD. Work is still going on on the Old Testament. In addition we assist the work of Bible In Schools.

We are indebted to Larry Pierce of Canada for supply of Online Bible DVDs. Larry is constantly refining his work and adding material to the DVDs. There is quite a bit of material that is free of charge. However, to get the best out of this program you need a reasonably recent DVD. I suggest that you upgrade to the latest version which is written in Unicode to give better access to foreign language versions and increased speed of access to all the material.

Please register your purchase or gift - if from a Christian Book Store. Purchases from Allan in Christchurch are automatically registered. Our database is not 100% accurate, though I am working on it! It is to your advantage to register in order to get cut-rate upgrades.

We send out irregular e-mails. Should you wish to receive these, please advise us by sending us a message to this effect. A blank (message) with the word consent in the subject line is sufficient.

Allan Goulstone